“The Metabolic Makeover: It’s All About Energy”
by Stephen Cherniske & Dr. Natalie Kather

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The crucially missing health information. Buy this book no matter how health-smart you think you are.

As many others have written, fantastic book and information. This is the lacking larger picture of metabolically what is going on in the human body re the food we eat and the lifestyles we live. So basic, what the body does in a systems biology way with food intake and how you live. Strange that with so much information on health these days, this connect-the-dots information is not well known by the public. I cannot praise the authors enough for their willingness to take off their "expert" hats and teach us. Really useful knowledge that once you get it, it almost by itself guides you how to change your diet and lifestyle for better health. I hope they will write another book soon.

Susan M. Tracy - Verified Purchase

Informative, reflective and empowering

This book is packed with well cited factual information, presented in a readable, understandable and applicable manner. I appreciate that the author presented solid info that speaks for itself; there is no opinionated or judgmental tone. Instead of a bunch of cheerleading, this book encourages by laying out a factual path. This book furnished me with scientific explanations regarding how energy gets in, gets used, gets stored, and gets created in the body. Knowing why and how certain choices impact your whole being is helpful because it reinforces the will to make habitual changes. Very encouraging and empowering read.

Shearon M. - Verified Purchase

5.0 out of 5 stars for A Metabolic Makeover

What a gift to finally and simply understand how our bodies work and what they need. Stephen Cherniske and Natalie Kather are brilliant!! For years I've been trying to understand how to give my body what it needs in order to feel heathy and energized. But there is so much conflicting and confusing information out there, I wasn't being successful. This book is truly a life changing gift !

Julie M - Verified Purchase

It's All About Energy

This is phenomenal book, which is an issue to use operator's manual to an alternative to the aging process. It describes the relationship to the choices one can make to ones future energy and health Plan. The P is for Prevention not the t (treatment) approach. Life and the future should be led in the smarter not harder mode. I was able to order my colleague a book on Thursday and have it ready for gifting on Monday.

Tom Willa

A Must read

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Well researched material with lots of references - Kudos to Stephen Cherniske!

Well researched material with lots of references. Stephen Cherniske is a research scientist with decades of experience. He is married to a medical doctor, Natalie Kather. Together, they have given us much needed guidance on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.

Starsky - Verified Purchase

Book was recommended by a friend

Book was recommended by a friend. It is a really good source for improving your health at the cellular level. I am feeling really good after a month of following Stephen Cherniske's recommendations.

shelley jordan - Verified Purchase

5.0 out of 5 stars = Highly recommended !

Amazing information definitely life changing. The option to change my body into a Fat burning machine is what I've wanted all my life! And hear it is. Thats not even the half of it, the turns out the medabolic system is tied to all my other issues very important major health advantage to reading this book !!

This is a great. book

This is a great. book. I read Cherniske's other books. Stopped taking caffeine and incorporated the information in this book as well as taking MSM for my joints. I feel great and feel like it is starting to show as well. I have been enjoying exercise since I can see and feel the results.

Matthew Smith - Verified Purchase

Awesome science and humor! It's a page turner!

I can honestly say, "get it!" This book makes you feel like you are part of the discussion (love the dialog format) in understanding your body's metabolism! With amazing humor and focus, I have never read a book so enjoyable and educational at the same time! Fasten your seat belts, it's the truth, with all the good the bad and the ugly facts that explain why our American lifestyles have contributed to metabolisms that DO NOT burn our mountains of stored fat! Read it, and find how to tap into the best energy ever! Forget the caffeine - I am recommending this for anyone who is begging for greater, consistent energy and real health!

Marty Fields - Verified Purchase
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