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“5 Metabolic Modifiers that Improve Cellular Energy”

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“The Metabolic Makeover:  It’s All About Energy”

Have you heard this before?

“Well, I just don’t have the energy I used to.”
Doctors hear this complaint more than any other, and until recently, they had no response other than to say (and perhaps you’ve heard these words yourself )
“You’re just getting older.” Or how about this one: “Learn to live with it.”

Dr. Natalie Kather and Stephen Cherniske, M.S., explain how obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome are all derangement’s of energy metabolism. Most important, The Metabolic Makeover has a proven track record for helping people overcome these life-shortening disorders.

In our book we discuss many topics on how to achieve a Metabolic Makeover including:

  1. Learn the genetic secrets of the 20% of naturally thin people.
  2. Stephen & Natalie can teach anyone the metabolic advantages of naturally thin people.
  3. Energy Drinks:  (A 9 Billion Dollar Industry) DO NOT provide energy, they are stimulants and chip away at energy.
  4. Why building muscle mass is important.  Tip:  Muscle burns fat and stores energy.

Why Start Today?

Most people have become frustrated with the hype and nonsense that pervades the natural health arena. The Metabolic Makeover contains accurate and compelling information, backed by rigorous scientific scrutiny and impeccably referenced with more than 200 citations from peer-reviewed biomedical journals.

Breakthrough research by a leading biochemist and board-certified physician, presented in language that everyone can understand. The book is chock full of illustrations and images helping to make some complex concepts easy to understand and absorb.

Our BioDialogs™ give you a visual representation of what is actually happening in your body upon ingestion of specific items.

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