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Stephen Cherniske
Stephen CherniskeBiochemist & Best Selling Author
Stephen Cherniske, M.S. is a biochemist and former university instructor in Clinical Nutrition. He served on the faculty of the American College of Sports Medicine, advised members of the US Olympic team, and directed the nation’s first federally licensed clinical laboratory specializing in nutrition and immunology. A best-selling author with more than a million copies in print, Stephen has a remarkable gift for communicating breakthrough science that inspires, entertains and motivates.
Dr. Natalie Kather
Dr. Natalie KatherPhysician
Natalie Kather, M.D. received her medical degree from The University of Utah School of Medicine. She is board-certified in Family Medicine, as well as Anti-aging, with specialties in women’s health, hormone balancing and human performance. Natalie is recognized as a pioneer in the emerging science of metabolic medicine, and frequently serves as Principal Investigator for clinical trials in that arena. Her clinic, Advanced Family Wellness, is located in Olympia Washington, where she lives with her husband, Stephen Cherniske.

Newsflash: “You can’t get energy in a pill or a can.”

Says best-selling author and world-renowned research biochemist, Stephen Cherniske. “The only safe and effective way to get energy is to make it yourself,” chimes in double board-certified physician and wife, Dr. Natalie Kather. This husband-and-wife team wrote The Metabolic Makeover book to show you how, after testing, Cherniske (now 66) has better body composition, blood chemistry, brain scan and immune profiles than the average 35 year-old.

18 years ago, Bob Bazell interviewed Stephen Cherniske on DATELINE. The segment concerned Cherniske’s anti-aging research made popular in his international best-seller, The DHEA Breakthrough (Ballantine, 1996). The NBC camera crew followed Stephen through a normal day, including a short workout scene in a Santa Barbara fitness club. Now 66 years old, Cherniske has greater strength and stamina than he did in his 40’s. It makes for exciting TV, as Stephen’s past media interviews will demonstrate.

This high-energy duo, both with full-time jobs and 6 kids, are a living testament to their clinically-tested program at work! Not to mention already helping thousands, with most people seeing and feeling dramatic improvements in energy, vitality, weight management and overall health in a matter of days.

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Most people have become frustrated with the hype and nonsense that pervades the natural health arena. The Metabolic Makeover contains accurate and compelling information, backed by rigorous scientific scrutiny and impeccably referenced with more than 200 citations from peer-reviewed biomedical journals.

Breakthrough research by a leading biochemist and board-certified physician, presented in language that everyone can understand. The book is chock full of illustrations and images helping to make some complex concepts easy to understand and absorb.

Our BioDialogs™ give you a visual representation of what is actually happening in your body upon ingestion of specific items.

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