Have you suffered from a healthy eating setback? Who hasn’t! Here’s how to get back on track and help prevent future setbacks.

Cheated. Pigged Out. Went off the rails.  No matter what you call your diet digression, the key is planning for setbacks and getting back on track ASAP.

Here’s how to deal with a setback when it happens and steps to get your healthy eating lifestyle back on track:

 Try to identify what triggered the episode.

For me, it’s usually stress.  When I have several seemingly impossible work deadlines, I notice that my resolve to eat right falls by the wayside. Other people have issues when they travel, when they’re bored, with friends, after drinking alcohol, other several other culprits.

 Determine if your eating strategy is too restrictive?

If you’re eliminating entire food groups like grains, dairy, sugars or sweets, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to stick with this type of restrictive eating style for life.   Try to revise your personal healthy eating goals so they’re more realistic and achievable. It’s small changes to your daily behaviors that add up to significant pounds lost.

 Resolve to Get Back on Track ASAP

Research studies from the National Weight Control Registry has revealed that dieters who most frequently monitor their weight and progress are most likely to keep pounds off. The studies show that it’s much easier to lose 1-3 pounds that you may have gained rather than 5-10 pounds.

Once you’ve objectively been able to ID what caused your setback, resolve to get back on track as soon as possible.  I recommend frequent weigh-ins to help my clients stay on track. Realize that life happens and practice makes progress, not perfection.

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