Eat Smaller, More-Frequent Meals

Hunter/gatherers ate when they were hungry and stopped eating when their hunger was satisfied. This meant roughly 250 to 300 calories for an active tribesperson per meal; the amount we civilized folks normally consume before the entree. In reality, it takes a small quantity of food to satisfy hunger. If you don’t believe this, try it yourself. Next time you’re hungry, eat slowly and chew well. Notice that the subtle aromas of the food intensify the longer you chew. Be sensitive to the point when your hunger is gone. Most people find it’s somewhere between one third to one half of the meal.

2 thoughts on “Eat Smaller, More-Frequent Meals

  1. Daren Hoekstra says:

    How do you know that the H&Gs stopped eating when their hunger was satisfied. Certainly some humans kept eating those ripe blueberries until there were none left. My experience is that eating less and slowly is a much better way to eat but I always question blanket statements.

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