It’s All About Energy.

Breakthrough research by a leading biochemist and board-certified physician, presented in a language that everyone can understand. Read more about the authors. The Metabolic Makeover is a clinically-proven strategy that produces dramatic improvements in energy, vitality, weight management and overall health.

“If you’re following the program by the book (literally!), in as little as 30 days, you should feel an increase in your energy level and see visible results in your body!” -Stephen Cherniske

Most people have become frustrated with the hype and nonsense that pervades the natural health arena. The Metabolic Makeover contains accurate and compelling information, backed by rigorous scientific scrutiny and impeccably referenced with more than 200 citations from peer-reviewed biomedical journals.

The book is chock full of illustrations and images helping to make some complex concepts easy to understand and absorb. Our BioDialogs give you a visual representation of what is actually happening in your body upon ingestion of specific items.

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About The Metabolic Makeover