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5 Foods you must never eat

I finally understand, As Natalie and I respond to questions about natural health products and promotions, I kept wondering what was driving the skyrocketing number of websites and FB sites making outrageous health claims. * 5 Foods you must never eat * 6 foods for a flat belly * Cure your diabetes with Australian mugwort * […]

How to Overcome a Healthy Eating Setback

Have you suffered from a healthy eating setback? Who hasn’t! Here’s how to get back on track and help prevent future setbacks. Cheated. Pigged Out. Went off the rails.  No matter what you call your diet digression, the key is planning for setbacks and getting back on track ASAP. Here’s how to deal with a […]

Healthy Fats Tuesday

Healthy Fats Tuesday Happy Healthy Mardi Gras! Tuesday March 4, 2014 marks a day of debauchery for some, but I’d like to use it as an opportunity to create a new meme of discussing Healthy Fats! Yes! Healthy Fats Tuesday! I wish I could say that it’s common knowledge how important Omega 3 fatty acids […]