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World-renowned biochemist and best-selling author, Stephen Cherniske, teams up with double board-certified physician (and wife), Dr. Natalie Kather, to bring you The Metabolic Makeover. Many are told by their doctors that they have no energy due to their age. Not so! Stephen Cherniske at age 66, has greater strength and stamina now than in his 40s. Find out how you can improve your energy without the energy drinks and powders.

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Don't worry. You don't have to invest $$$ in home workout equipment. You don't have to enter into a big-box contractual gym membership agreement. You don't have to dread exercise because it's uncomfortable. This program shows you, step by step, how to build your exercise routine. And you can hold off on offering up your excuse of "I don't have time," because if you have 4 minutes, you have time! Yes, 4 minutes. 

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Food fads, nutritional supplements and natural/alternative health is a swamp of confusion, and the Internet has only made it worse. The Metabolic Makeover sets the record straight regarding what can be done to safely increase energy and vitality, and what is utter nonsense. It provides a clear, simple explanation of what happens in our bodies as we age and provides us with the Metabolic Modifiers to take control of our metabolism.

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